Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 on the 4th

Here are 4 pictures from this afternoon - Larsen sporting her red, white & blue.

Happy 4th of July!

Big brother is not in these pictures, because he was taking a 4 hour nap & recovering from a fever virus.  Anders hasn't been sick much, but EVERY time has been on a major holiday - his 1st Christmas, last Thanksgiving & now the 4th of July!

Anders & Papa

Anders & Papa hanging out on the back deck. 
Anders in his underwear and Papa drinking beer...typical boys!

Larsen Photo Shoot - Scene/Outfit #3

Last scene/outfit from the photo shoot.  Larsen is wearing her Easter dress that Anna & Mark Bright gave her -- it is beautiful, and I don't want her to ever grow out of it!  Both Dad and I were taking pictures with our cameras, and Mom was juggling watching/chasing Anders and trying to make Larsen smile.  Larsen enjoyed people watching as the walkers, runners and bikers went by. But we finally got some smiles out of her after Grammie and Anders started acting goofy and making crazy noises...

 Pictures with Grammie...

Larsen Photo Shoot - Scene/Outfit #2

This setting & outfit was not as successful.   The dress is ADORABLE and very special, because it was my mother's handmade dress.  But we decided it was unflattering and made Larsen look wide.  I will try it on her again once she is a little bigger & walking around.  
But I included these for now...