Saturday, October 30, 2010

San Francisco - October 5th

We were in San Francisco together for only one full day, before I flew out the next morning.  So we quickly hit all of our favorites: Fisherman's Wharf to see the sea lions, rode a trolley car so we didn't have to walk back up the CRAZY steep roads, and then spent most of the day at the Marin Headlands in the Golden Gate National Recreational Area.  We love the views of the city and bridge from this park, and it also has a beautiful beach with surfers to watch. 

Pebble Beach - October 4th

After working several days in LA for Carrie Underwood's Hollywood Bowl show, Todd met up with me for us to have a little vacation.   We spent a day together in LA, then drove up to San Francisco.  On our way north, we stopped thru the Pebble Beach area and drove the famous 17-mile drive.  The area is BEAUTIFUL and the kind of scenery that I LOVE. 

The Lone Cypress...
 My handsome husband...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Farm -- Trip 1

Back in September, Anders and I went to Honeysuckle Hill Farm with Elisa and Tripp.  I counted on my GPS to get us there and I got when we FINALLY got there, we were BOTH carsick from the country roads and snacking on Anders' crackers.  We said that either we would get there and think this was all a waste of time, or we would have a great time and decide that it needs to be a yearly fall tradition.  After maybe 2 minutes of being there, Elisa and I looked at each other and said "this is definitely a tradition!"  We had so much fun...while there the boys enjoyed looking that the animals (goats, pigs, cows, chicks, bunnies and sheep), picking out pumpkins, and riding the cow-train.  The farm had MANY other activities, but we ran out of time...some things will be great for years ahead when Anders is older.  
 Tripp, looking so cool as his hair is blowing in the wind...
 Tripp & Elisa...
 Riding the cow-train, which was quite bumpy and thrilling in moments...
 Watching the pig races, yes I said PIG RACES...too much fun!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Video of Anders walking

So I got home last night from my LA/San Francisco trip, and was VERY excited to see Anders.  Between my two children, Bella was FAR MORE excited to see me than Anders.  Actually I am pretty sure that Anders was more excited to see Papa return home.  Oh well, I guess that just means more trips and traveling for me!  
I felt like Anders had changed in the week I was gone -- at dinner I kept staring at him, because he even looked different.  Todd often comes home from being on the road and says that Anders is different than when he left -- I now understand and have experienced it!  
Today Anders impressed me with walking more and jabbering more.  Also his top tooth is coming in and the bottom two have risen higher & show a lot more.  He has discovered the microwave that is downstairs at Grammie & Papa's house, so today we used it to motivate him to walk.  Most kids would probably be motivated to walk to toys, food, I don't know...maybe a Mommy that hadn't been seen in a week!  But no, Anders walks to a electronic device that has buttons to push on & light up -- he is definitely Todd's son!

Day 6 from Camp BC

I learned that "every day is a Tigeriffic day" (over and over and
over) and that when you push the right buttom you get to go real fast.
Then it was off to the bathtub where I wash the duckies and play peek
with Grammie.

Lots a love,

Day 5 from Camp BC

Today we carved Mr Pumpkin. I liked putting his nose in and out, in and out.

Aunt Katie had to go home today. It was funny watching Papa chase her
car down the driveway crying "don't leave us with the baby!!!" I
distracted him with a poopy diaper, then ate lunch, and took a nap.
Have to rest up for the afternoon hike.

 (NOTE from me: I guess the pumpkin was too thick to carve out, so they went with the "outdoors" theme and used an acorn, flowers and a twig to decorate...)

Day 4 Camp BC

Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder,

We hiked, we shopped, but mostly we ate today. Aunt Katie entered a
wet T-shirt contest, whatever that is. And I got graham crackers - all
I wanted. Cool.

Off to bed,

Day 3 Camp BC

Today we went to the park. I was swinging and walking - minding my own
business - when there she was, the girl of dreams. I made my move but
the camp counselors said it was time to go home. I miss her.

Bathtime, suppertime, bedtime. It never changes.


More Day 2 Camp BC

After lunch I put a few finishing touches on my shop project and then
we went for another hike. Bella likes to lay down in the creek to cool
off and get a drink.

Nap time. Maybe Aunt Katie will be here when I wake up.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 2 from Camp BC

I've learned that if you want breakfast around here you have help
yourself. Lots of beans and rice up front,but they hide the good stuff
in back. Even have to peel my own banana. Next thing you know they'll
expect me to use that potty seat or something.

Lots of Love,

I went for a nature hike this morning where I collected acorns for my
mommy and played peek-a-boo with Grammie. Then it was nap time - yes,
you have to nap at camp.