Saturday, April 24, 2010

This week with Anders

So Anders is on the verge of crawling but hasn't done it yet, here are some pictures of his efforts (doesn't he look determined!)...

Today I let him scoot around the kitchen & explore a little, and he found the bar stool. I helped him stand up and hold on...

This afternoon Bella let us know that 4 wild turkeys were right across the street. So Anders & I walked outside to check them out -- when they started gobbling it got Anders' attention and he watched them walk up the street.

Looks like Thanksgiving dinner...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funny story to share

So Mom & Dad gave me a bag with swim diapers in it from Julie that we could have for Anders this summer. I got it home and pulled the diapers out to put away and found a T-shirt stuffed down at the bottom of the bag. I knew it was Haley's shirt and so I called Julie to see if she had known it was in the bag too. She said that she gave Haley a bag and told her to pack up the swim diapers that they were going to give them to Anders because she does not need them. Haley was worried that he was a boy and could not wear her diapers but Julie explained that boys & girls can wear the same diapers and besides it would be underneath Anders' swimsuit. Julie didn't know anything about the T-shirt and couldn't wait until Haley was done with Preschool to ask her about it. So when she did ask her, Haley responded "well I couldn't find a yellow one." She also thought that Anders would like it because it had a ice cream cone on it. Isn't Haley the sweetest to think of Anders this way and want to share!?! But Julie explained that Uncle Todd would probably not like Anders wearing a shirt with pink ruffles and a pink & purple design on it -- Haley agreed. So since Todd is not home, I thought Haley needed to at least see Anders in her shirt, so I took these pictures this morning. NOTE that Haley wore this shirt last summer when she was 3 years old and it fits Anders pretty well at 8 months!

I think he is thinking, "Mom, can you tell me again why I am wearing pink?"...

Then he is thinking "It's Haley's shirt? Okay then, I'll wear it!"

First time wearing shorts

Anders rocked the shorts this week -- it was his first time wearing shorts and I thought they made him look like SUCH a big boy. He just doesn't seem like my little baby anymore but is growing up so quickly.

Taking a morning nap on Mommy & Daddy's bed...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hanging with Haley

On Thursday afternoon we got to see Michael & Julie's new house (which is BEAUTIFUL and perfect for them!) and play for awhile before heading to dinner with Aunt Katie & Uncle Chip.

Haley is so kind to Anders and shares everything with him. He loves watching her and they have fun together!
Anders with his FAVORITE cousin...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anders is 8 Months old!

Our sweet baby boy has turned 8 months old. He weighs about 20 pounds, but we won't know his precise measurements until his 9 month check up in May. He loves standing (with our help or while hanging onto furniture) but still just scoots & rolls around. He has no teeth, but everyday I keep thinking that one or two will finally poke through. I am in NO rush for his teeth to come in though. He eats apples, blueberries, plums, pears, apricots, bananas, peaches, raspberries, winter squash, butternut squash, peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots. I think his favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots & blueberries...but he'll eat anything. And he loves drinking water too. It is not hard to believe that he is a good eater :) He immediately smiles at people he knows, but is sometimes shy with new faces -- he warms up quickly though. We can't seem to go anywhere without people stopping to say how cute he is or that he should model. He is SUCH a sweet boy.

Week at Grammie & Papa's

So at Grammie & Papa's house in the mountains, Haley's old crib is set up for Anders to sleep in -- it is SO GREAT! This visit I brought a bumper pad and while we were tying it onto the crib we sat Anders in the crib to watch. He immediately scooted over to the edge and started pulling himself up on his knees...don't worry we lowered the mattress before bedtime!

Here he is looking at us thinking, "do you think I could do this at home in my own crib too? I can't wait to try it there too!"

Easter weekend - Part 3

I am still behind on Easter weekend but these are the final pictures...

So after church on Sunday we drove to Percy Priest Lake and took some family pictures (we swung by the house to pick up Bella & take her along of course). Anders looked SO sweet in the outfit that George & Beth Mitchell (Chip's parents) gave us. Easter was the perfect time for him to wear it and I thought he looked so handsome! It sure does show off his chunky thighs and fat ankles :)

Anders with Todd, Grandma & Aunt Susan...

We had such a blessed Easter!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter weekend - Part 2

Our little baby bunny on Easter morning opening his first Easter basket & gifts from his Grandma and Aunt Susu...

Anders and Aunt Susan

Easter weekend - Part 1

Random pictures from this Easter weekend...

Bed head

It seems like it was so long ago when I was in the hospital delivering Anders and the nurse told us that she could feel his head and he had lots of hair! His hair was so dark and thick. During his first several months he seemed to lose most of it, but now it has come back pretty well and is long in places. He has started having wild bed head hair in the mornings and I love it because it's just like his daddy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sneak peak of my Easter baby...

Bella & Anders

I have HUNDREDS of pictures to still go through from this Easter weekend, and so for now I am only posting one moment we had together. On Saturday we walked down to the neighborhood playground to go swinging, and then decided to take a few pictures of Anders in the spring, green grass.

Anders watching Bella run around...

Anders wasn't looking or smiling at the camera, so we posed Bella with him. I then needed to get in the picture to help keep Bella in position, for some reason she wasn't wanting to lay there while Anders was pulling on her fur.
Here I think Anders is thinking "I like Bella's nose but what I would REALLY like is her...

Anders got a good grip on Bella's ear and chewed on it for awhile. Surprisingly Bella didn't react or pull away, but stayed calm and tolerated it just fine.