Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funny story to share

So Mom & Dad gave me a bag with swim diapers in it from Julie that we could have for Anders this summer. I got it home and pulled the diapers out to put away and found a T-shirt stuffed down at the bottom of the bag. I knew it was Haley's shirt and so I called Julie to see if she had known it was in the bag too. She said that she gave Haley a bag and told her to pack up the swim diapers that they were going to give them to Anders because she does not need them. Haley was worried that he was a boy and could not wear her diapers but Julie explained that boys & girls can wear the same diapers and besides it would be underneath Anders' swimsuit. Julie didn't know anything about the T-shirt and couldn't wait until Haley was done with Preschool to ask her about it. So when she did ask her, Haley responded "well I couldn't find a yellow one." She also thought that Anders would like it because it had a ice cream cone on it. Isn't Haley the sweetest to think of Anders this way and want to share!?! But Julie explained that Uncle Todd would probably not like Anders wearing a shirt with pink ruffles and a pink & purple design on it -- Haley agreed. So since Todd is not home, I thought Haley needed to at least see Anders in her shirt, so I took these pictures this morning. NOTE that Haley wore this shirt last summer when she was 3 years old and it fits Anders pretty well at 8 months!

I think he is thinking, "Mom, can you tell me again why I am wearing pink?"...

Then he is thinking "It's Haley's shirt? Okay then, I'll wear it!"


  1. Anders makes a pretty little girl! I think he likes the shirt!

  2. Nothing has made me laugh as hard as these photos!!!

  3. could totally pass for a girl!! haha.