Monday, April 5, 2010

Bella & Anders

I have HUNDREDS of pictures to still go through from this Easter weekend, and so for now I am only posting one moment we had together. On Saturday we walked down to the neighborhood playground to go swinging, and then decided to take a few pictures of Anders in the spring, green grass.

Anders watching Bella run around...

Anders wasn't looking or smiling at the camera, so we posed Bella with him. I then needed to get in the picture to help keep Bella in position, for some reason she wasn't wanting to lay there while Anders was pulling on her fur.
Here I think Anders is thinking "I like Bella's nose but what I would REALLY like is her...

Anders got a good grip on Bella's ear and chewed on it for awhile. Surprisingly Bella didn't react or pull away, but stayed calm and tolerated it just fine.

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