Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our weekend

This weekend has gone by so quickly - Saturday night we had Derek & Liza Bason over for dinner. They showed up when I was about to put PJ's on Anders so that is why he is naked. It has been beautiful & warm this weekend, so don't worry he wasn't freezing while hanging out in his diaper.

Then this morning Anders took a nap with Todd & I (from 6:45am-8am) and woke up to find that Bella was snuggling with him :) She had rested her head on his legs, so sweet!

Today was so beautiful that it would have been wrong if we didn't get outside to enjoy the weather, so we took Bella on a W-A-L-K. I find myself spelling that word even when Bella isn't around because I am so trained to not say it in front of her because she knows what it means. So we decided to try out the umbrella stroller for the first time -- Anders is such a BIG boy! I think he really like having the wind blowing thru his hair and getting to see everything ahead of him while on the W-A-L-K :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little afternoon photo shoot

Anders & I are on our own today -- Todd took Bella to the vet this morning for her yearly check up and then went to the shop to work on his gear some. So Bella is hanging out with Daddy today and Anders is having some quality Mommy time! I thought he looked so cute in this car outfit from Audrey that we needed to have a photo shoot.
WARNING you that there are SO many pictures...hope you enjoy!

Anders week 25...

Anders likes reaching for my glass and "drinking" water, most of the time he just sucks on the rim of the glass but sometimes he gets a little water. Here he is washing down some sweet potatoes...

Here he is upset that I have taken away my glass. Note what his bib says: "cute but messy like daddy" -- SO TRUE, SO TRUE!

Daddy, Anders & Bella hanging out while watching the Daytona 500 -- we have been watching the Olympics alot this week but took a break to watch some of the race.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grandma visits!

On Thursday Todd's mom (Grandma) came to visit and stayed thru Sunday morning. We played and took pictures, she LOVES her grandbaby....

We put Anders in his highchair for the first time and pulled him up to the kitchen table while we ate lunch. He liked being with us and banging on the table.

Here is Anders trying peas for this first time -- I can understand him not liking them as much as apples...this face just cracks me up!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 Month Check-up

Anders had his 6 month check up yesterday morning and here are his stats:

Weight -- 18lbs. 5 oz and in the 66 percentile
Height -- 28 inches and in the 92 percentile

He did great with the 3 shots, just cried a little until I picked him up off the table. Then he kept watching the nurse, giving her dirty was TOO funny!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anders is 6 Months old TODAY

Anders turned 6 months old today & I can't believe it -- the time has gone by so quickly. I am loving every moment of being his mother. He is such a happy sweet baby boy -- smiling and laughing a lot. He is laid back and enjoys getting out of the house to run errands and go shopping. He sits up very well and doesn't mind playing on his tummy anymore (unless he's really sleepy). He is fascinated by Bella and pulls on her tail and hair. Bella usually just tolerates its, but she is beginning to get playful back. Anders sleeps VERY well thru the night. I can usually count on him to sleep 11 hours straight, often from 7pm-6am but sometimes little earlier or later (depending on who knows what, still figuring it all out). We go to his 6 month check up tomorrow morning so I should have his stats (weight & length) tomorrow.

This morning we went to breakfast with Katie & Chip to the Pancake Pantry...

I think Anders will miss Aunt Katie & Uncle Chip -- I know I will! We both have enjoyed having them in town to hang out with!

This afternoon Anders played and rolled around with his toys...


Friday, February 5, 2010

Aunt Katie & Anders photo shoot

So my intention was to get great pictures of Katie & Anders for us to frame -- Katie looked great but Anders wouldn't smile. He was so serious & just wanted to watch Bella most of the time. But I still think these shots are pretty cute...

And Bella laid there distracting Anders...

Aunt Katie & Uncle Chip are here!

Katie & Chip arrived last night around 7pm for a wedding weekend. Anders decided to go to bed REALLY early and was out by 6:15pm, so they just missed him. Katie went into his nursery several times looking at him & kissing him in hopes to wake him up, but he was out! Here are some pictures of him playing with Aunt Katie & his stuff animal (the lion we bought in NYC the day we found out I was pregnant). Katie was in PJs and not showered yet, so these pictures are of Anders only...