Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our weekend

This weekend has gone by so quickly - Saturday night we had Derek & Liza Bason over for dinner. They showed up when I was about to put PJ's on Anders so that is why he is naked. It has been beautiful & warm this weekend, so don't worry he wasn't freezing while hanging out in his diaper.

Then this morning Anders took a nap with Todd & I (from 6:45am-8am) and woke up to find that Bella was snuggling with him :) She had rested her head on his legs, so sweet!

Today was so beautiful that it would have been wrong if we didn't get outside to enjoy the weather, so we took Bella on a W-A-L-K. I find myself spelling that word even when Bella isn't around because I am so trained to not say it in front of her because she knows what it means. So we decided to try out the umbrella stroller for the first time -- Anders is such a BIG boy! I think he really like having the wind blowing thru his hair and getting to see everything ahead of him while on the W-A-L-K :)

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