Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anders is 6 Months old TODAY

Anders turned 6 months old today & I can't believe it -- the time has gone by so quickly. I am loving every moment of being his mother. He is such a happy sweet baby boy -- smiling and laughing a lot. He is laid back and enjoys getting out of the house to run errands and go shopping. He sits up very well and doesn't mind playing on his tummy anymore (unless he's really sleepy). He is fascinated by Bella and pulls on her tail and hair. Bella usually just tolerates its, but she is beginning to get playful back. Anders sleeps VERY well thru the night. I can usually count on him to sleep 11 hours straight, often from 7pm-6am but sometimes little earlier or later (depending on who knows what, still figuring it all out). We go to his 6 month check up tomorrow morning so I should have his stats (weight & length) tomorrow.

This morning we went to breakfast with Katie & Chip to the Pancake Pantry...

I think Anders will miss Aunt Katie & Uncle Chip -- I know I will! We both have enjoyed having them in town to hang out with!

This afternoon Anders played and rolled around with his toys...


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  1. SO sweet! Happy Half Birthday, Anders! Can't WAIT to see him next month!!!