Saturday, April 24, 2010

This week with Anders

So Anders is on the verge of crawling but hasn't done it yet, here are some pictures of his efforts (doesn't he look determined!)...

Today I let him scoot around the kitchen & explore a little, and he found the bar stool. I helped him stand up and hold on...

This afternoon Bella let us know that 4 wild turkeys were right across the street. So Anders & I walked outside to check them out -- when they started gobbling it got Anders' attention and he watched them walk up the street.

Looks like Thanksgiving dinner...


  1. Very cool pictures of turkeys--and Anders too!

  2. Anna is the same way.... she is SO CLOSE to crawling. I thought for sure she would have by her 9 month birthday (which was yesterday) but nope! She will take one crawl type movement on her hands and knees and then collapse on her belly and take off hahaha. To be honest though - I'm still not sure I'm ready for the crawling... The scooting is bad enough. I am realizing how many non-baby proof things we have in our house!!! ahhhhhhh