Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today is Ander's Birthday -- he is ONE! 

Well I guess not really 1 year old until 2:02pm today.  It has been fun thinking back on this day last year -- the craziness of Todd's journey to make it home, going thru labor and delivery, being told by the nurse that Anders had a head full of hair, and finally seeing Anders for the first time.  So overwhelming and amazing, but on that day both Todd and I were clueless on how much change and joy Anders would bring us this year.   We LOVE you Anders!
His official birthday party is not until next weekend, but we celebrated earlier this week while Daddy was home.  Pam Burrus (our friend who has a baby girl just a couple weeks older than Anders) MADE this birthday hat and personalized bib (you will see the bib in the next blog) -- isn't the hat the CUTEST?!?  The hat and bib both match the monkey party invitations and theme.  Anders is not the biggest fan of wearing the hat.   But after some creative cropping, you can not see his grandma's hands holding down his arms to keep him from yanking it off!  I maybe should not have confessed what was really going on, and just impressed everyone with these shots...

Okay, time to take the hat off :)
 More birthday-boy pictures to come later!


  1. hahaha LOVE these photos... can't wait for Pam to see them! Happy Birthday my little Anders- Love you tons! Aunt Katie

  2. LOVE these pictures! So sweet. Happy Birthday Anders!!!! We love you SO much!