Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anders - big brother & such a big boy

Anders is 2 & 1/4 years old -- he is sweet, funny, crazy, trying, smart, independent, imaginative and LOVED.  He has continued to adjust well to Larsen and is sweet to her.  Larsen loves watching him...the other day we were all piled on our bed and Anders starting jumping which made her laugh.  So he kept jumping and she kept laughing -- it was hysterical!  Of coarse by the time I got up and grabbed the video camera, she stopped.  But it was so sweet to see them interact and have fun together.  
We are not close to having Anders potty trained, but he has done really well pooping on the potty recently. He has gone over TWO weeks with only one poopy diaper.  Here he is picking out a sticker for his potty chart...
 Larsen is about ready to start sitting in the bumbo, so I had it downstairs waiting for her to use.  But Anders found it and to my surprise he fit!  He sat in it until he was about 1 year old -- at that point his legs were so chunky it looked cruel the way were we wedging his legs in there and then prying him out.   
 After a shower and being lathered with lotion the bumbo stuck to him...he thought it was funny at first, but didn't like it when I grabbed the camera.
 Two things that happen now that I have two children to watch over: 
1) We stay in our PJs all day long more often.
2) Anders gets outside while wearing his PJs & instead of chasing him down to put on clothes and shoes, I just let him run around crazy.

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  1. The pic of Anders with the Bumbo stuck to him has me cracking up!