Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trip to the TN Aquarium

While driving Todd to the airport on Wednesday afternoon, we found out that the weekend shows were being cancelled -- so after one show he was back home.  Since we had a wide-open weekend, we decided to head out Friday morning to Chattanooga to the aquarium.  We had been wanting to take Anders there for a while now and thought it would be a fun family outing.  Anders was excited, but kept thinking he was going to see dolphins and whales.  My mistake...I told him that he would see all the animals that live in water.  
Our favorites:
Anders -- the sharks
Larsen -- the ride in a new double stroller next to her big brother
Mommy -- the big sea turtle
Daddy -- the small alligator & the jellyfish  

 Checking out the sting rays -- he just looked, maybe he'll want to touch next time...
 Touching a butterfly (after he first tried to kick it, ugh)...
 We spent a lot of time watching the fish, sharks, sting rays & turtles in the big ocean tank...
The day was long & exhausting, but really fun!

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