Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thoughts on Larsen...

My random thoughts on Larsen:

Larsen is truly happy and sweet MOST the time.  It is rare for her to be fussy or cry, and if happens it is always very justified (usually ready for nap or bedtime).  

She is having so many firsts right now, I just can't keep up.  She wants to feed herself and wants to eat everything that her big brother is eating.  
For example, this is what she ate today:
Breakfast: 1 banana pancake
Lunch: 1/2 peach & mandrin orange slices, few crackers
Dinner: cheese quesadilla, black beans and rice (from Chipotle)

She is so entertained by Anders and just loves to have his attention.  A few weeks ago we went through a stage where Anders was slightly jealous of Larsen -- clinging to me and hitting her several times.  But he now loves playing with her, making her laugh, and taking care of her...praise GOD for his change of heart! 

Larsen knows the hand motions to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" amazingly well, and she claps her hands to "Patty Cake".  But the best is when she shakes her booty to the Ellen theme song (I often watch the show while nursing, so yes she is dancing while nursing).  

Larsen turns 10 months old next week and I can not believe how many moments I am looking at her and thinking "she is such a big girl!"

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