Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Birthday

I got to celebrate my birthday several times this week & felt VERY loved! 

First Todd & I went to dinner with Jeremy and Sarah on Wednesday night -- had a GREAT dinner and wonderful time with them. 

Next, on my birthday I went out to lunch with everyone from my office and had a HUGE family style meal from Maggiano's -- ate ALOT and then spent the evening on the couch watching TV in my pj's (it was perfect)!  

Then last night I went out to dinner to Kalamata's (a great little Greek place that I love) with my girlfriends to celebrate.

There was a theme for most of the gifts I received this year -- SPOILING ME!  I got manicures, pedicures, prenatal massages and facials!  I am SO EXCITED for each of the them and am SO thankful that I will have times to escape, relax and treat myself to something so special.  I was already hoping to have regular pedicures during the next several months because: 1) I will only be wearing flip flops and 2) I can't reach my own toes to paint them very easily!

I can't believe how different this time next year will be for us, and how my birthdays will never be quite the same again!

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