Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Selling, buying & moving...

This June was CRAZY...in less than three weeks we 1) put our house on the market, 2) sold it, 3) bought a house and 4) MOVED!  Some people thought we were crazy (and we probably were) for trying to accomplish all of that before the baby came -- and it wasn't easy but has been worth it to be moved and getting settled in a new home now.  We really could not have done it all without the help we received from my parents and our friends.

We purchased over the phone a roll of bubble wrap that was 750 feet x 4ft tall  -- had NO concept of how MUCH bubble wrap that would be until we picked it up and needed the trailer to haul it back.  Then we had to keep it in the garage because it couldn't fit thru the front door -- needless to say Todd & I had big time buyers remorse!  We think it was one of the worst purchases we have ever made, but we can blame it on being overwhelmed and not thinking clearly.  We just knew we needed bubble wrap but didn't know we were getting a lifetime supply!  And by the way, NOTHING broke in the move :)

The trailer loaded up with one of many loads!

This is our NEW HOME...we are getting settled and feel VERY blessed!

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