Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eating rice cereal was a HIT!

WARNING: lots of pictures, I just couldn't pick any fewer because there were SO many cute pictures!

So this afternoon we introduced Anders to solid foods -- well as solid as rice cereal mixed with breast milk is. Here is his first spoonful...

And his first reaction -- puckered lips & not sure what he thinks...

Then he quickly decided he liked it & would help the spoon get to his mouth. Also if I didn't get the next spoonful in his mouth quick enough, he would start fussing.



  1. LOVE THESE (sorry - I'm totally stalking your blog today... Katie just told me your blog address so I had to catch up on the whole thing ahhaha) I took a million pics of Anna's first solids too! We JUST introduced apples yesterday. No huge reaction... I'm waiting for a squeal or something hahaha. Nice pics too!! Your camera is awesome!

  2. yay! glad he loved it - and glad you took lots of pics! :)

  3. Ha! I knew Pam would start stalking it! ;) Can't wait to see Anders next week and kiss those chunky cheeks!