Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pictures from this week

My Mom & Dad are in Mexico and therefore not getting daily phone calls with the Anders updates, so I know they are anxious to see how Anders has grown while they have been away. So these are random pictures from the week...

Chewing on his favorite chew toy (Sophie the giraffe)...
Meeting Joanna Janet...

I just fed rice cereal to Anders for the first time so I will try to get that blog out tonight (there are VERY cute pictures), but Anders and I are off to shop. The cabinet/painter guys are here and we need to get out of the house before they start the touch up painting on the cabinets. We don't want to be breathing in the fumes.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kirsten!!
    Anders is SERIOUSLY the cutest little boy I've ever seen!! Is it too early to call dibs on him for Anna Claire??? Hope to see you in Nashville during Swifty's wedding so we can let the babies meet!!