Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anders is 10 months old!

Anders turned 10 months old this week. He has changed so much in the past few weeks, and he is developing so quickly. I swear last week he sat up in his crib and just a few days later he started standing up and walking around the perimeter of the is all happening so quickly!
So here is what he is up to these days:

Getting around: He officially "crawled" yesterday and stayed up off his stomach for about 4 "steps". Since then he continues to crawl around on his belly, but in the past week he has gotten so confident sitting up from his belly. He has started standing up on furniture. Before he just got up to his knees, but now he can fully stand up on his own and move along the couch or ottomans. I think we have Aunt Katie & Uncle Chip to thank for that new trick -- they kept encouraging and practicing with Anders.

Eating: Anders has been eating finger foods for about a month and is doing much better. His accuracy for getting the food from the table to his mouth has greatly improved! He LOVES feeding himself watermelon, yellow squash, cherrios, cherries, black beans, cheese, bananas, sweet potato fries (yes, I know that is bad of us), green beans, and puffed O's. He is eating yogurt for the first time in the picture above. He drinks from a straw and has skipped right over sippy cups. I am enjoying giving him new things and seeing him stuff his mouth full!

Playing: He loves crawling around and exploring everything. He often races off to Bella's food & water bowls and her toys, but he also likes his own toys too -- especially any kind of ball. He loves playing with the Ball Popper that Haley gave him. He will start clapping his hands when we sing "Patty Cake" to him and he loves hearing us sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider". He will roll a ball back and forth with us (most of the time but not always). And he has started moving around in his activity center (because Katie transitioned it to the walker this week).

Closing randomness: He is a sweet boy that draws lots of attention while we are out -- he smiles at some strangers but just studies others. He is happy to go shopping with Mommy and enjoys riding around in the carts. We go out to lunch with friends or business lunches about 4 times a week. He sits in his highchair and can usually last 1.5 - 2 hours easily...he is such a trooper! His hair is getting longer and has some curl in it (especially when it gets sweaty). He is a happy boy and his Daddy is the best at getting him to laugh. Anders gives the best kisses (open mouth and slobbery).  The other night I was holding him in my arms and he kept grabbing my face and kissing me sweetly -- it was the best thing EVER!  We are SO BLESSED by our baby boy and can not believe he is already 10 months old!

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  1. Love it!! They learn SO quickly!!! I wish I could get Anna to eat more finger foods. She has no problem putting them in her mouth, but will only eat a couple of fingers-full before deciding that's enough. Bananas and puffs are the only thing she likes. *sigh* I'll keep trying...

    Let me know how Anders does with crawling. Anna *can* crawl - but still prefers the scoot. I have to say "on your knees" and she will start crawling, but other than that it's still the army crawl haha

    Love reading all the posts. I think AC and Anders are a lot alike. I babysat a little girl today who is only 2 weeks older and she was EVERYWHERE!!! I think our babies are a little more mellow... which I like ;)