Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anders' new finger food

Today at Target I bought Anders bouncing balls and apple puffs -- both were hits! I got the puffs in hopes to get him better at feeding himself. They stick to his fingers and so he did really well with them. I think he really enjoyed them & so did Bella. He shared with her, which was quite funny to watch. Bella gently took the pieces from his hand...

One for Bella...

One for Anders...

These pictures were taken pre-bath -- I decided to strip him down for dinner then bathe him we were then off to bath-time then bed!


  1. Too cute!! AC LOVES puffs. Can't get enough of them. My friend told me to roll banana chunks in crushed up puffs or cherios so that it's easier for them to grab. Maybe that will help. Also I literally had to shove a banana in AC's mouth so she could taste it... and once she did she couldn't get enough. Wish Piper liked puffs more - they are ALL over our floor!!

  2. yes, these are also known as "baby crack!"