Thursday, January 13, 2011

Anders 17 months

Okay so these ADORABLE pictures were not taken the day Anders turned 17 months, but instead they are pictures I took the end of November that I just realized were never posted.  But he still looks the same, and since we have been having FREEZING cold weather -- this hat & jacket have been Anders winter uniform.  
Update on our little 17 month old:
Anders still has 4 teeth, but we are convinced that he is about to get more teeth soon.  When I ask him, "why are you being a fussy-pants" and "does something hurt", he puts his finger in his mouth and points to his teeth.  He is saying new words all the time and has added: hot, blue, green, "go dog" (when he looks at the book "Go Dog Go!"), eye, bath, cracker, bubble, car, truck, plane, and bird.  And then more words that he says, but not perfectly are: apple, oatmeal, and Aunt Katie.  Anders can climb up on anything now -- the couch, kitchen chairs, ottomans, and the dining room cubes that were being used to block the stairs.  I should not confess this, but the other day I looked over and he was sitting on the kitchen table!  He such a sweet and curious boy.
Sweet story: about a week ago Anders was fighting me as I was rocking him before bedtime, so I started telling him everyone that loved him.  This is exactly what I said...Mommy & Daddy love you, Grammie & Papa love you, Grandma & Grandpa love you, Aunt Katie & Uncle Chip love you, Aunt Julie, Uncle Michael & Haley love you and Aunt Susu loves you.  He was relaxed in my arms and looking sleepy and I asked "Who do you love?"  I figured he wouldn't answer, but right away he said "Papa".  So sweet!  He now likes hearing who loves him, so I tell him before naps or bedtime.  I keep hoping he'll say he loves Mommy one night, but not yet.  Last night I asked him "who loves you" and he said Katie. 

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  1. Anders has it right-- I love him very much. Now if I can win him over to say that he loves me back!