Thursday, January 27, 2011

Perfectly Paisley

One of my best friends (who many of you know), Beth Allen, has opened her own ESTY shop.  She is SO creative and one of those perfect, party planners that you just want to hate!  So she has taken those skills and now makes a variety of party and shower decorations that are handmade and beautiful.  You can check out what she does at her new website: or at her ESTY shop:  One of my favorite things that she makes is the “new arrival baby wreaths”.  Below are a couple pictures of one  -- they are the perfect gift that serve THREE purposes: use to decorate at a baby shower, have the mom hang it on her door at the hospital, and then keep to hang in the baby’s nursery!

Anyways, check out her shop and pass these websites on to any friends that throw parties & such!

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