Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catching Up - Part 3

My Mom & Dad have helped me SO MUCH this past couple months while we prepared for Larsen & then after she arrived.  My Mom stayed with us for almost 7 weeks and my Dad was in & out during that time.  
Anders playing with Papa and having fun...
 One morning we went to the downtown library for story-time and took some pictures in the courtyard area...
 Tossing coins in the fountain...making wishes that baby sister would arrive!
Another morning (trying to pass time while waiting for baby sister to arrive) we went to the Fontanel for breakfast (previously Barbara Mandrell's property & home).  Anders got to sit on the tractor & we took more pictures after eating a southern breakfast.  (PS - I think Loveless Cafe is much better, but it was worth going and seeing what the Fontanel was like).

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