Monday, October 17, 2011

Major catching up to do

I have SO much catching up to do -- but I get overwhelmed when I realize I am 2 months behind, and I have over 2, 500 pictures from Day 2 of Larsen's life to now.  So I am going to try to blog about the highlights and then I will have a couple misc/random blogs with tons of here we go!  

Larsen - August 10th/Day 3 - Coming home from the hospital 

 We wanted Anders to be in the van with us on the ride home so that we could all bring Larsen home together.  So Katie & Chip drove him to the hospital that morning and helped us load up and head home.  
Before leaving, Anders got TWO special treats for being a big brother -- 1) a Krispy Kreme donut with sprinkles on it and 2) a Scout computer!

 Headed home...
 Sarah & Jeremy came that evening...

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