Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eating watermelon & making a mess!

I am giving Anders finger foods more often now & so far he is rarely making the food from the tray to his mouth -- he mostly throws and smears it around. I have to say that at first I was VERY intimated by giving him real, actual food. The baby food thing was working, and for some reason starting something new and different was overwhelming. But in the past few days I have really enjoyed seeing what he will eat and trying different things. When Todd and I went out to lunch on Monday it was fun giving Anders food off our plates. I gave him green beans and squash (very nice options) and then Todd gave him sweet potato fries. Funny and easy to understand that the sweet potato fry was the first bite Anders ever made into his mouth on his own!
So anyway, here is one of the few successful moments of him getting the piece of food (watermelon) into his mouth.
"hey, this finger tastes good too!"

"I have food everywhere else, why not get it in my hair too?"

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