Friday, May 7, 2010

My little garden

I purchased some herbs last weekend while Dad & I were getting other things at Home Depot. Then the next day we searched for some fun, colorful pots at TJ Maxx & Target...which is where we were when the rain was POURING and the flooding began. We kept killing more time shopping in hopes that there would be a break in the downpour. But there never was one, so we got soaked while running around and decided it would be best to just get home (which was a good call since the weather was worse than we thought). On the way home we saw several areas that were already flooded and roads that had alot of standing water. At one point we had to turn around and go another route because the water was too deep to drive through (at least for my car). So anyway, the herbs are finally potted & I added three tomato plants too. So I have basil, rosemary, cilantro, some kind of lemon smelling herb, two jetstar tomato plants and one cherry tomato plant. Here's to hoping I have a green thumb! Oh and since we are on serious water restrictions, I have sacrificed my own bathing in order to be able to water my plants :)

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