Monday, February 21, 2011

These pictures CRACK me up!

So while Anders' Grandma was here, she got Anders asleep for all naps and bedtimes.  What a nice break for me!?!  She wants to have every minute with him that she can get, and I appreciate the help.  But Anders was not going to bed very quickly for her each night.  I know on this night, it was at least a 2.5 hour process.  I wandered why he wasn't settling down and going to sleep for her, and then Wanda showed me these pictures she had taken of Anders while rocking him to sleep...

ANDERS saying:  "SUCKER!  I know how to keep Grandma here for hours, just rocking me and singing to me!"    
ANDERS:  "this is AWESOME!" (do you see his pure joy and pride?) 

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  1. Oh, he knows he has Grandma wrapped around his little finger!