Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

Todd & I took Anders to the zoo for Valentine's Day.  I had seen the warm weather forecast and thought getting outside to do something fun together would be the perfect way to celebrate.  The animals all had received Valentine's and the zoo was decorated and festive!  It was exciting -- both the giraffes and meerkats had new babies out to show.   
 We brought Anders' wagon instead of the stroller, and here he is insisting that he pull it himself.  He was good at it, but couldn't steer very well...
 Anders telling the bird to "come here"...luckily it didn't!
 Quacking at the duck...
 Anders clapping to the loud, drumming music that just started -- we decided to move on to the carousel where the safari music was playing.
Anders riding the carousel for the second time and liking it MUCH better this time (the first time was a couple weeks ago with me and Elisa & Tripp).
 Such a big boy, headed off to explore the next thing...
 The zoo has a really great playground -- going down the slide...
 Then going down a much BIGGER slide, this is a serious slide!
 Success, he liked it!
Our sweet boy, we love you SO much!

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