Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Big Brother/Little Sister Bath

I have a lot of blogging from the past couple weeks to catch up on: our weekend in GA, Larsen's dedication, and more.  So here we go!

Two weekends ago (the last weekend in April) we drove down to GA on Friday night for the weekend.  Tom Petty was playing Sunday night in Alpharetta, and Todd's friend was hooking us up with VIP treatment.  We were very excited, because Tom Petty was one of very few concerts that Todd REALLY wanted to see.  I was just along for the ride and time with Todd -- enjoyed it, but had my fill by the end of the night.  On Friday night Todd wasn't feeling well.  And after a rough night with a fever, he stayed in bed all day on Saturday.  So our plans for the day changed, and we all stuck around the house.  But we got some great pictures out of it...bath time & Larsen photo shoot (those pictures in the next blog).  So here are the pictures from Larsen's FIRST time in a big bath tub AND the FIRST shared bath...they had fun together! 

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