Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our little eater...

Larsen needed several weeks to get used to eating baby food, but after a couple months she got to where she was eating 4-5 jars/pouches a day.  But a few weeks ago, she lost interest and refused.  Now giving her baby food is slow and not very easy.  At first I thought she was disappointed that I had run out of the gourmet flavors (used coupons to buy the expensive blends).  So I went and bought her favorites (without coupons).  That helped a little, but it was still a chore to get her to open her mouth for the first few bites.  So I started giving her FOOD!  Most days she feeds herself really well and some days she isn't interested.  I am giving her a combination of baby food and chunks of food.  She has eaten: cheerios, watermelon, bananas, pear, blueberries, rice, avocado, one pretzel and a couple goldfish.  Yes, not too proud of giving her those last two on the list.  But with a big brother eating in front of her, it is so hard to not let her have one too!

Eating bananas one afternoon...

 Having her first avocado this morning...she LOVED it!

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