Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pool is OPEN

This morning we packed up and headed down to the neighborhood pool for the first time this year.  Anders was excited for both the wagon ride and swimming. It was Larsen's FIRST for both, and I think she liked the wagon ride more than swimming.

I hate that I didn't have a good angle on this picture, but had to post it anyway...Larsen is excited and looks like such a big girl!
 Ready to go!
Debating whether he should get in (the water was pretty cold)...but eventually he did swim around, jump to Daddy, and have a lot of fun.
 Swimming with Daddy and not too sure about it...
 Showing off her adorable swimsuit!
 Eating her first goldfish...
 Heading out - time to go home for nap time (everyone napped!)

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  1. She does look like such a "big girl" in the wagon!