Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pictures from last week

So I am behind on blogging & these pictures are from last week and this weekend. You would think that having the extra help of Mom all week would have given me lots of time to blog but instead we knocked out some serious organizing and projects around the house, oh and we shopped of course!

In addition to turning 7 months old, Anders had some "firsts" -- he took baths in the tub instead of the kitchen sink or the whale tub, he went swinging at the neighborhood playground, drank from a sippy cup (well tried to), and played with a box. Such an exciting week!

Taking a bath in the big tub

Acting like such a big boy & holding the cup with two hands...

Swinging like such a BIG BOY!

And having WAY TOO much time playing in the box (which happened to be the last box that was finally unpacked, well except for all the boxes in the attic).

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