Monday, July 5, 2010

Anders is SUCH a good eater!

In case you guys are wondering why Anders is such a heathy-big boy -- I am here to tell you that he is a good eater.  It took him a little while to get used to eating finger foods, but now he is a pro and usually eats quite well!  It is not rare for him to eat an entire grilled cheese along with two types of veggies and a fruit.  The other morning he ate a whole banana and scrambled eggs (sometimes he likes banana, and sometimes he just throws it on the floor).  Another morning he ate a carton of yogurt, and was very upset that he wasn't getting another one!  He loves yellow squash and will chose it over anything else sitting in front of him and usually eats his veggies very well.  
This is a picture I just got from Beth from last week when we went to lunch after going to church.  We went to Calypso Cafe, (a favorite of mine, but Todd doesn't like -- so perfect place to go with girlfriends) and I got Anders the kids meal.  He ate the sweet potatoes, black beans and fruit very well.  Anders shared the rice with Paisley!


  1. Papa thinks he may eat us out of house and home this weekend! We're stocking up at Whole Foods, Costco, Kroger, etc!

  2. I just love that little face!!!!