Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday GRAMMIE!

Today is my Mom's birthday -- I am so thankful for my mom and love her so much!  She is an amazing mother, grandmother, AND friend.  
Here are pictures of Anders creating a lovely finger painting for his Grammie...

At this point he has already spread the paint all around with his hands, nose, and arms and now is using his "crinkling" technique, which I thought added a lot to the final look... 

Pretty proud of himself and his masterpiece...
"What?!?  I'm done and have to go take a bath!"
Happy Birthday Grammie, I love you!


  1. Oh thank you sweet Anders and Kirsten! Your pictorial birthday wishes are the best. Love you back even more! xxoo Mom/Grammie

  2. He has the Todd Wines "lean" going on in the second picture...ha ha