Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday BELLA!

Today is Bella's birthday -- she is THREE years old!

I can not believe that Bella is three years old.  It seems so long ago that Whitney Duncan & I visited "Love At First Sight" and found Bella.  Todd was out of town when I found her, but we decided that I could go ahead and purchase her...I made a wonderful choice and am a GREAT dog picker!  Bella is SO sweet, but also protective of her mommy & brother.  We were told that we wouldn't want Bella after having a baby, but we still LOVE her just as much and she has such a place in our family!

This is the picture that I texted Todd saying that I found a puppy and wanted to keep her...
Bella with her favorite toy that is still around (some legs and both antennas are missing though)...
And now Bella this morning, having a birthday treat

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