Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anders at Camp BC - Day 1

So Anders is staying with Grammie & Papa for a WEEK.  Back in July I left Anders & Bella with them for two nights, and while gone I got camp letters from Bella.  This time I am getting camp letters & pictures from Anders...

Letter 1:

As I sit here pondering my first day at camp I can't help but wonder "where's my morning coffee?" Then I heard Sesame Street was on and Grammie had made French Toast for breakfast. Papa said if I ate all my breakfast he'd let me use his nail gun.

Love you,


Letter 2:

I learned today that "shop" doesn't always mean going to the mall with a credit card - it includes TOOLS. I decided on a project, read the manual (unlike Papa), checked out my tools, measured carefully (unlike Papa), and proceeded to build. Will show you what I made when I send tomorrow's note.


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