Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am in Los Angeles for 4 nights -- Carrie Underwood is playing at the Hollywood Bowl and Mark has been very involved in the creative preparations for the show.  So he asked me to come along to... 1) be there if any thing went wrong and help was needed AND 2) to get to see the end result of all the work for the past couple months.  So very kind of him and very exciting to be out here.  It meant leaving Anders, but he is having a wonderful time with my parents.  And I haven't worried ONE moment...UNTIL I was told that earthquakes ranging 6-7 were predicted for today.  Then I had to call Todd to ease my worries.  
Anyways,  I stepped out of the rehearsal this afternoon to call Anders and say goodnight.  Dad took these pictures while I was talking to him on the phone...

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