Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today at Costco

Going to church on Sunday mornings keeps Anders from getting his morning nap, so he usually falls asleep during the car ride home.  But today we had lunch with Jennifer Carrington, and then ran some errands -- one being a Costco trip since I was in the area already.  I figured that when I pulled Anders out of the car seat he would wake up, but he didn't.  So I just laid him down in the extra-wide Costco grocery cart.  He stayed asleep the WHOLE time, but woke up as the man at the exit was checking my receipt.  He opened his eyes, looked at me and smiled, and then immediately waved hello to the man, so funny!


  1. dude I'm insanely jealous - AC would NEVER do this. The child will not sleep ANYWHERE but her bed!!! So stinkin cute!

  2. haha - i love this. I wish I could sleep and let someone push me around! ;)